Dear Friends of RDC,

After a several year hiatus, I am excited to announce the return of RDC's Resource Review magazine renamed as the Alaska Resource Review as the official magazine of the RDC! I am so pleased to be able to bring back this important periodical to inform Alaskans and others about the importance of Alaska's resource industries as well as advocate for issues critical to the success of those industries. We are pleased to present our inaugural return with the January 2024 edition!  Members will receive hard copies in the mail as well as access to the digital content.    

Did you miss your copy in your mailbox?  Or ... If you have an idea for an article or would like to be considered as a guest contributor, please contact RDC Executive Director Leila Kimbrell or our publication manager, Fireweed StrategiesFor advertising opportunities, find our media kit here.

Yours resourcefully,


Executive Director

   Resource Review Winter 2024


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