Comment Letter: Support for Central Yukon Resource Management Plan (RMP)

Comment Letter: DNR Water Management Regulations

Comment Letter: DNR Mining Regulations in response to SB 155

Comment Letter: Support for DSEIS for Kensington Mine POA-1

Comment Letter: Support for USACE on Kensington Mine POA-1990-00592-M9


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 Oil and gas

Comment Letter: DOI's Review of Federal Oil and Natural Gas Lease Program

Joint Letter: Support of Willow Project to DOI

Comment Letter: KIC Incidental Harassment Authorization

Comment Letter: APDES Draft Permit for Furie, KLU Julius R. Platform

Comment Letter: Support of KIC Seismic Exploration


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Comment Letter: Proposed revisions to NPS regulations related to Sturgeon v. Frost

Comment Letter: Objection to the Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan

Coalition Letter: AK Roadless Rule Coalition Letter

Comment Letter:
NEPA Rule Comments

Coalition Letter:
Roadless Area Conservation Rule


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Comment Letter: Support Alaska Tourism Recovery Act

Joint Letter: Return to Cruising Letter

Comment Letter: Request for Temporary PVSA Waiver

Comment Letter: Draft Vessel Wastewater Discharge Permit

Comment Letter: Alaska Harbor Seal Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule-making


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Coalition Letter: National Ocean Policy Coalition Letter to President-Elect Biden 

Comment Letter: Proposed CH designation for Humpback Whales

Comment Letter: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Draft Recovery Plan

Comment Letter: Central North Pacific humpback whale DPS and delisting

Comment Letter: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Steller Sea Lion


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