Comment Letter: Ambler District Industrial Access Project SEIS

Coalition Letter: EPA 404(c) Proposed Determination

Comment Letter: EPA 404(c) Proposed Determination on Pebble

Comment Letter: Donlin Gold Preliminary Decision for ADL 236624

Comment Letter: Donlin Gold Preliminary Decision on EV 3-244

Testimony: EPA 404(c) Proposed Determination on Pebble

Comment Letter: Ambler Site Specific Plan

Comment Letter: Ambler Private Exclusive Easement

Comment Letter: Peak Gold (Manh Choh) 404 Wetlands Permit

Comment Letter: Revised WOTUS Definition, Docket ID EPA-HQ-OW-2021-0602

Testimony: Support for Ambler Access Project

Comment Letter: NEPA Revisions, Docket ID CEQ-2021-002

Comment Letter: Coalition letter on Ambler Access Project and Process

Comment Letter: Wishbone Hill Permit Renewals

Testimony: Wishbone Hill Permit Renewals

Comment Letter: WOTUS Definition Letter

Comment Letter: Two Bull Ridge Mine Renewal

Comment Letter: Negotiated Mineral Lease for Ester Dome Project – Fairbanks

Comment Letter: Support for Central Yukon Resource Management Plan (RMP)

Comment Letter: DNR Water Management Regulations

Comment Letter: DNR Mining Regulations in response to SB 155

Comment Letter: Support for DSEIS for Kensington Mine POA-1

Comment Letter: Support for USACE on Kensington Mine POA-1990-00592-M9

Testimony: Support for West Susitna Access Infrastructure

Comment Letter: Decision to Remand the Donlin Gas Pipeline ROW

Testimony: Support for Ambler Road Predevelopment Funding

Comment Letter: Regulation revisions to 11 AAC 86 to implement SLA 2020 (SB155) 

Comment Letter: Wishbone Hill Permit Renewals

Coalition Letter: Letter to POTUS on Permitting Process

Comment Letter: NEPA Revisions, Docket ID CEQ-2019-003

Comment Letter: Red Dog Mine Millsite Lease and Plan of Operations

Comment Letter: Support for the American Energy Innovation Act

Comment Letter: Pogo Road Access

Comment Letter: 
Kensington Mine Plan of Operation Amendment

Comment Letter: Ambler Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter: 
Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the Pebble Project

Comment Letter: BSWI-RMP support Alternative D

Comment Letter: 
Proposed definition revision of "Waters of the United States" (WOTUS)

Comment Letter: 
Kuskokwim Area Plan and Donlin Land Use Authorizations

Comment Letter: Donlin gas pipeline right of way lease

Comment Letter: Proposal to rescind the “Water of the United States” (WOTUS) Definition

Comment Letter: Bulletin 38 Revision and Ch’u’itnu Traditional District 

Comment Letter: Public scoping, Pebble Project EIS

Comment Letter: Miscellaneous Land Use Permit at the Pebble Project

Comment Letter: APDES Draft Permit AK0055867 for the Donlin Gold Project

Comment Letter: Ch’u’itnu Traditional Cultural Landscape Nomination

Comment Letter: EPA's proposal to withdraw Proposed Determination on the Pebble Project

Testimony: Testimony before the EPA, Support Proposed Determination Withdraw

Comment Letter: Proposal to rescind the “Water of the United States” (WOTUS) Definition

Testimony: EPA Proposed Determination Withdrawal

Comment Letter: CERCLA 108(b) Financial Responsibility Requirements

Comment Letter: Support for APDES Permit for Pogo Mine

Comment Letter: Support for Central Yukon Resource Management Plan (RMP) Alternative D

Comment Letter: Support of S.J. RES 15, Disapproval of Planning 2.0 Rule

Comment Letter: CERCLA Extension Request

Comment Letter: BLM’s Proposed RMP and Final EIS for the Alaska Eastern Interior Area 

Comment Letter: Proposed Methodology for Wetlands Mitigation

Comment Letter: Donlin Gold DEIS

Comment Letter: Comments on DNR Water Regulations

Testimony: Donlin Gold DRAFT Environmental Impact Statement

ANILCA Comments:  U.S. Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee

Comment Letter: RDC Instream Flow Reservation Appeal Letter

Comment Letter: Middle Creek - Lower Reach Instream Flow Reservation 

Comment Letter: Palmer Project

Comment Letter: Usibelli Coal Mine Trust Land Determination

Comment Letter: Stream Protection Rule

Comment Letter: BSWI RMP Preliminary Alternatives

Comment Letter: Seward Coal Loading Facility - Individual Permit

Testimony: Chuitna In Stream Flow Reservations

Comment Letter: Instream Flow Reservation Application - Mulchatna River

Comment Letter: Chuitna Coal Project Air Permit

Comment Letter: BSWI RMP Preliminary Alternatives

Comment Letter: In-stream Flow Reservation Applications

Comment Letter: Mineral Order 1161

Comment Letter: Gates of the Arctic GMP

Comment Letter:
 Proposed ACECs in BLM’s Eastern Interior RMP/EIS

Comment Letter: Donlin Gas Pipeline Right-of-Way Lease Request

Comment Letter: EPA and Corps Proposed Rule Defining the Scope of WOTUS

Testimony: Support of Right of Way Lease for Donlin Gas Pipeline

Comment Letter: U.S. Forest Service Manual 2800

Comment Letter: EPA's Proposed Determination of the Pebble Deposit Area

Comment Letter: Draft Antidegradation Implementation Regulations Plan

Comment Letter: Usibelli Coal Mine Wishbone Hill Air Quality Control Permit

Comment Letter: Lake Clark Park and Preserve GMP

Comment Letter: ADEC Proposed Multi-Sector General Permits

Comment Letter: DMTS Port Facility APDES

Comment Letter: Bering Sea-Western Interior Resource Management Plan Envionronmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter: Central Yukon Resource Management Plan Envionronmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter: Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters

Comment Letter: Gates of the Arctic Land Protection Plan

Comment Letter: Lake Clark Land Protection Plan

Comment Letter: Support of Renewal of Hoseanna and Emma Creek Coal Exploration Permit

Comment Letter: Support of Renewal of Healy Valley Coal Exploration Permit

Comment Letter: Revised Bristol Bay Assessment

Request: Extension of Comment Deadline for the Bristol Bay Assessment

Comment Letter: Bristol Bay Area Plan

Comment Letter: Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS

RDC Member Comments: Donlin Gold Project EIS Scoping

Comment Letter: Support of Jumbo Dome Mine Road Corridor Surface Coal Mining Permit #S-0605

Comment Letter: Support of Canyon Creek Coal Exploration Lease Sales

Comment Letter: EPA Bristol Bay Draft Watershed Assessment

Comment Letter: JPARC Modernization and Enhancement – Draft EIS

Comment Letter: The Wishbone Hill HIA

Comment Letter: Support of Greens Creek Mine Tailings Expansion

Comment Letter: Support of SJR 37, A resolution blocking Utility MACT

Comment Letter: EPA on Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment and Potential Section 404(c) Action

Request: EPA to extend Bristol Bay Assessment Review Panel Nominations

Comment Letter: Support of Application #S-0606 for Jumbo Dome Mine

Comment Letter: Support of Wishbone Hill Permit Renewals #01-89-796 & 02-89-796

Comment Letter: Support of Linc Energy's Coal Exploration Permits

Comment Letter: Support of Matanuska-Susitna Borough Resolution No. 11-112 on Wishbone Hill

Comment Letter: APDES Permit to the Kensington Mine

Comment Letter: NPDES Permit AK-003865-2 for the Red Dog Mine

Comment Letter: National Ocean Council Development of Strategic Action Plans

Comment Letter: JPARC Modernization and Enhancement EIS

Comment Letter: Department of the Interior’s “Wild Lands” Policy

Comment Letter: Oppose Designation of the Chuit River as Unsuitable for Coal Mining

Comment Letter: Pogo Mine NPDES Permit

Comment Letter: Greens Creek Tailings Expansion

Testimony: Coal Control to the Mat-Su Borough

Comment Letter: Jonesville Coal Mining Permit Renewal

Comment Letter: Chuitna Coal Permit Renewal

Action Alert: Wishbone Hill Project May 28, 2010

Comment Letter: EPA from Governor Parnell July 30, 2009

Comment Letter: EPA from Senators Murkowski and Begich July 29, 2009

Comment Letter: EPA from 12 U.S. Senators July 29, 2009

Supreme Court Decision on Kensington Gold Mine June 22, 2009

RDC Amicus Brief for Kensington in front of Supreme Court (pdf) September 24, 2008
Kensington Gold Mine Amicus Brief with PLF et al February 6, 2008
Supreme Court Grants Review of the Kensington Mine Case June 27, 2008
Ballot Measure 4 Information
Mining Shutdown Initiatives (pdf)
Court Ruling On The Clean Water Initiatives (pdf)

Comment Letter: Spencer Glacier Mineral Material Project

Comment Letter: Red Dog Mine - Tailings Impoundment

Comment Letter: Red Dog Mine - Aqqaluk SEIS

Comment Letter: Two-Bull Ridge Mine Permit

Comment Letter: Tangle Lakes Game Refuge