Support for Ambler Access Project
January 27, 2022 • Testimony before the AIDEA Board of Directors


Good afternoon, Chair Pruhs and members of the AIDEA board. My name is Kari Nore, and I am the project manager for the Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc., commonly referred to as RDC. 

It is one of RDC’s priorities to encourage the responsible development of Alaska’s natural resources, and to encourage new exploration and projects. RDC strongly believes resource development projects in Alaska can be done responsibly, with a key focus on protecting the environment, including cultural activities and wildlife, while providing well-paying jobs, many of which require training and offer a lifetime of opportunity, and improving the long-term economic future for Alaska.

I only have brief comments today with regard to AIDEA's board that is considering a budget authorization to enable the 2022-2023 Ambler Access Project field season. This effort builds on the initial preliminary project engineering scope by providing additional field data on cultural attributes, fish passages, hydrology, geotechnical and engineering. It also enhances stakeholder outreach, communications, and workforce development throughout the villages along the corridor. 

I acknowledge that there are special interests that oppose further development of mined materials in Alaska and elsewhere. However, mineral development in Alaska could ultimately prove indispensable as forecasts indicate our nation’s mineral demands will increase. The demands will continue to be satisfied, often through the use of imported minerals, when instead the resources should be developed and produced here in Alaska where operations are strictly regulated, and best management activities are employed to avoid and minimize impacts.  

Thank you for the opportunity to support access to the Ambler mining district.