Benefits of Membership

With our broad membership, RDC is able to link diverse interests to help resource projects come to fruition. RDC also tackles many of the other issues these industries face through our involvement with the legislature and with state and federal regulators. What exactly do we do for our members? Take a look at the major issues and projects we have worked on over the last year.

As a member, you and your employees will receive regular email notifications of important issues facing our industries, as well as RDC’s public forums highlighting those issues.  These forums include our Thursday breakfast series, Annual Meeting and other special luncheons, as well as our November Conference on Alaska Resources, which is attended by nearly 1,000 working professionals. Our events provide excellent opportunities to learn more about ongoing development projects in the state and offer valuable networking opportunities.  Members also receive RDC’s informative issue-based newsletter, the Resource Review, published several times per year.  

Membership is on a revolving year basis. i.e. If your company joins RDC in July, you will be issued your membership renewal invoice the following July. Corporate membership is inclusive of as many employees as you wish to receive RDC correspondence. In addition, corporate members are linked on the corporate member page of this website. Individual membership is for people who wish to personally support RDC and our mission. You will be listed as yourself on our individual members page and will receive the correspondence and membership discounts at our events, just as corporate members do.

  Individual Member Corporate Member
Basic $75  $500 
Silver $150  $750
Gold $300 $1,500
Platinum $500 and up $3,000 and up

We are often asked about the differences between our levels of corporate membership.  RDC leaves that choice with the prospective member, and you may decide which level you think is most appropriate for your company.  Many companies take into account their size and budget, and their expected participation in RDC. 

When you click Join Today, you will be directed to a page for payment of your membership. If you have any questions, please call or email us today!

No matter your level of participation, your membership benefits remain the same, and RDC is extremely grateful for your support.


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The Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc. is classified a nonprofit trade association under IRS Code 501(c)(6). Membership dues and other financial support may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax and are non-refundable.