OneALASKA Coalition

OneALASKA is an organization formed to oppose an oil tax measure likely to go before Alaska voters in 2020.

OneALASKA is a diverse coalition whose leaders represent organized labor, business and Alaska Native corporations, outdoor recreation, small business, non-partisan political leaders, and more.

While the measure appears to be a way to fix Alaska’s budget woes on the surface, it’s clear the real impacts to Alaska’s future were not considered. The real impact will be felt by the economy, the workforce and ultimately future generations of Alaskans.

No matter what you think about changing oil taxes, this measure simply goes too far. That’s why OneALASKA is standing up for  workers, the economy, and the entire state.  


Paid for by OneALASKA, Anchorage, AK. Chantal Walsh, chair, Nick Begich, Genevieve Bell, Gary Dixon, Jason Grenn, Crawford Patkotak, Bill Popp, Julie Sande, Jill Schaefer, John Sturgeon, Jodi Taylor approved this message. Top three contributors are ExxonMobil, Anchorage, Alaska, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska and Hilcorp, Anchorage, Alaska.