Comment in support of Peak Gold’s (Manh Choh) 404 Wetlands Permit
Comment deadline was February 13, 2022


Thank you to the Alaska Miners Association for the following alert:


Peak Gold (Manh Choh) has submitted an application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a wetlands permit for the Manh Choh gold project. The waters are predominantly wetlands, but also include a small part of a pond and a very small part of a non-fish bearing stream in total, located on 5.2 acres of tribal land. Two new gravel roads would be built to access the mine sites.

The Project submitted a robust application to the Corps at the end of the year. It included the results of many complex studies proactively conducted in 2021 such as a noise impact analysis, cultural, archaeological and socio-economic modeling, project visibility study, wildlife impact study and subsistence study. In addition, the Project submitted a full list of all direct engagements with 2,522 stakeholders.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is accepting public comment on the permit application. You can help move this important project forward by submitting a comment in support of the application.

This public comment period is critical to the project moving forward in a timely manner as it will determine whether an Environmental Assessment is required versus an Environmental Impact Statement, which will significantly increase the complexity and length of the permitting phase. 

This project is operated by Kinross Alaska who has been responsibly producing gold at Fort Knox, its Interior Alaska mine, for over 25 years. Manh Choh is a joint venture project with Contango Ore.

The deadline to submit comments for the wetlands permit is February 13th.  Be sure all correspondence includes this reference number: POA-2013-00286


Action Requested:

RDC members are encouraged to comment in support of Peak Gold’s 404 Wetlands Permit before the February 13th deadline.

Consider using AMA’s new, fast “click to comment” tool that has a prepared letter.  This will take you less than one minute! Click here! 

Comments may be submitted to:

Gregory J. Mazer
Fairbanks Field Office 
Regulatory Division (1145) 
PO Box 35066
Fort Wainwright, Alaska 99703

Email: [email protected]

Points to consider: 

  • Describe you/your company and share how the Wetlands Permit is critical to mine operations.  
  • Small environmental footprint – The mine will consist of a camp and associated facilities. Mining will be from two small pits. No additional tailings dam or facility will need to be constructed.  
  • Opportunity of a lifetime to provide training for hundreds of local and statewide residents in skills that will serve them well into the future, inject millions of dollars into an economy that needs an economic boost, bring needed life or opportunities to small businesses still reeling from COVID-19 and offer Tetlin shareholders real hope and financial security. 
  • 400-600 direct jobs during operations + hundreds of construction jobs and many more indirect jobs. While in production, Manh Choh will be the region’s second largest private employer and source of income. 
  • Vendors supplying goods and services will be a combination of local businesses in Tok, Delta Junction and other nearby communities and expanded relationships with existing Kinross vendors in Fairbanks and other locations. 
  • Manh Choh is a win-win project for southern Interior Alaska, especially the communities of Tetlin and Tok, bringing current and future benefits with a very small environmental footprint and no need for a tailing’s storage facility.  
  • A single owner – The Native Village of Tetlin owns the surface and subsurface rights to all the land associated with the Manh Choh project. 
  • The Manh Choh project is a smaller project relative to other mining projects and only makes financial sense if it can utilize existing infrastructure. That includes hauling ore over public roadways to be processed at the underutilized mill at Fort Knox. 
  • Strong community support: “We look forward to the safe and responsible development of the project and the positive benefits it is expected to generate for our community. We also look forward to further building a relationship with Kinross, a company with a strong track record in Alaska.”  - Chief Michael Sam, Village of Tetlin 
  • Safety drives (Peak Gold) Manh Choh’s ore transport plan:
    • Manh Choh will insist on a strong safety culture through recruiting, training, ongoing coaching
    • Manh Choh will meet or exceed all legal/regulatory requirements, including load and speed limits, driver duty times
    • Manh Choh will schedule and plan the route to keep drivers within safe and legal duty limits
    • Manh Choh will maintain active communication between drivers and dispatch to alert road hazards & conditions
    • Manh Choh will have a comprehensive safety system including real time vehicle and driver monitoring.
    • Manh Choh will use purpose-built equipment and diligently maintain it
    • Manh Choh will cover loads to minimize dust
    • Manh Choh will drive to conditions, including slowing or stopping operations if needed
    • Manh Choh’s comprehensive vehicle and driver monitoring system includes:
      • Driver fatigue management
      • Inward and/or outward facing cameras
      • Tracking driving hours and speed

Comments were due on February 13, 2022