Testimony in support of HJR 12 - endorsing ANWR leasing
March 24, 2021 | Senate Resources Committee

Good afternoon Chair Revak and members of the committee. My name is Marleanna Hall, and I am the executive director for the Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc., commonly referred to as RDC.

I’m here today to express strong support for HJR 12, as it supports the oil and gas lease program that will allow limited activity within the non-Wilderness portion of the coastal plain of ANWR. And as Ms. Moriarty addressed, this legislation well describes measures to properly address ANICLA and the intent to preserve areas in the coastal plain for oil and gas development.

Oil development on a fraction of the coastal plain would create thousands of jobs nationwide, generate billions of dollars in government revenue for public services, and further improve energy security for decades into the future. Not only does Alaska need oil and gas development in the coastal plain, but America will benefit from it too. 

I wanted to keep my testimony short today in light of the time, but please know that our membership has long supported oil and gas exploration and development in the coastal plain of ANWR. I thank you Mr. Chair and members of Senate Resources for the opportunity to testify in support of HJR 12 today.