Alaska's Fiscal Challenge

Read RDC's full fiscal talking points here.

In 2018, RDC has three legislative priorities: 

Advocate for a long-term fiscal plan

• Advocate to limit unrestricted general fund (UGF)* spending to a sustainable level and implement a meaningful limit to spending.

• Encourage the legislature to allocate a percentage of the Permanent Fund earnings to the UGF to support essential services.

• Advocate to diversify and expand the economy in Alaska, by reducing the budget deficit to encourage long-term investment in the private sector.

*UGF includes: Operating budget, capital budget, statewide obligations, but does not include deferral of liabilities.

Advocate for a stronger private sector

• Advocate for tax policy and regulatory stability that enhances the State of Alaska's competitiveness for all industries to attract new investment and grow the economy.

Fish Habitat Regulations

• Oppose major changes to fish habitat regulations that are already working.

• Encourage state agencies to defend existing, rigorous regulations. 

RDC 2018 Fiscal Talking Points (html) (pdf)

2018 Policy Positions (pdf)

2017 Policy Positions (pdf)

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