Resource Development Council

RDC Annual Meetings

2015: Tuesday, June 30th.  Details will be avialable in May.

2014: The U.S. Oil and Gas Renaissance and Alaska’s Role
Featuring Ryan Lance, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ConocoPhillips

2013: Featuring David Holt, President, Consumer Energy Alliance, and Janet Weiss, President, BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc.

2012: Featuring John Hofmeister, President, Citizens for Affordable Energy, Dena'ina Civic & Convention Center

2011: Environmental Litigation - Striking it Rich at Taxpayers’ Expense: A Strategy to Restore Fairness to Industry and Consumers

2010: Our New Energy Reality - Challenges and Opportunities

2009: Global Energy Frontiers - The Arctic

2008: Energy Keepers - Energy Killers

2007: Developing Our Resources While Honoring The Past

2006: The Pebble Project: Balancing Community Values And Economic Opportunities

2005: Prosperity and the Environment

2004: EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt

2003: Elevating Expectations: Current & Future Development Opportunities

2002: Native Corporations: The Future Face of Alaska's Economy

2001: Following the Yellow Brick Road: The Journey from Today to Tomorrow for North Slope Oil and Gas