Alaska's Fiscal Crisis

Read RDC's full fiscal crisis talking points here.

In 2017, RDC has two legislative priorities: 

• Advocate to limit unrestricted general fund (UGF)* spending to a sustainable level of $4.1 billion or less.
*UGF includes: Operating budget, capital budget, statewide obligations, but does not include deferral of liabilities.

• Advocate for tax policy and regulatory stability that enhances the State of Alaska’s competitiveness for all industries to attract new investment and grow the economy.

Alaska’s budget policy should focus first on reversing the unsustainable budget by finding efficiencies and focusing on a series of annual reductions. It must include framework to use the Permanent Fund earnings to support essential services. Finally, after reducing the UGF to sustainable levels, additional, broad-based revenue options should be considered. 

RDC Fiscal Crisis Talking Points (html) (pdf)

2017 Policy Positions (pdf)

Fix the Fiscal Problem Now and Don’t Destroy Our Resource Industries (pdf) (KEEP video)
Jim Jansen, Chairman, Lynden and Co-Chair, KEEP Alaska Competitive Coalition

Keep Alaska Competitive Fact Sheet

Commonwealth North's State Operating Budget: Critical crossroads, Choices, and Opportunities (Update: January 2017)
Cheryl Frasca, Past President, Commonwealth North  (video) Frasca PowerPoint slides (pdf)

What Does it Take to Build a Healthy and Sustainable Economy? (video) (pdf)
Joe Beedle, Chairman of the Board, Northrim Bank • Alaska Resources Conference, November 2016

Real Solutions to Alaska’s Budget Crunch (video and pdf)
Panelists Cheryl Frasca and Mayor Mike Navarre • Alaska Resources Conference, November 2015

Joint Fiscal Plan Letter To Governor Walker and Alaska Legislature
Sent August 24th, 2015

Alaska's Economy: Urgency for a Stable Fiscal Future
Mark Edwards, Northrim Bank and Ralph Samuels, Holland America Line
Edwards PowerPoint Slides(pdf) • Samuels PowerPoint Slides(pdf)

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
RDC Executive Director Marleanna Hall's message to membership in July Resource Review

Alaskans on the State of the State (pdf)
A survey conducted by the Alaska Chamber

FACTS: Oil Industry Tax Credits (pdf)

The Path to a Fiscal Solution: Use Earnings from All Our Assets
By Scott Goldsmith • April 2015